What do psychologists do?

If you were to meet with a psychologist, we would talk to you about what is going on medically and how this affects you, you family and your life. Through this we start to get a shared picture of how you may want things to be different and who or what could help you achieve this. Sometimes we will ask you to complete short questionnaires to help us get a clearer picture.

You may find that one meeting is enough or we could meet several times over a period of time.

In the meetings we may:

  • talk about, and make sense of, difficult feelings
  • work together to help you to develop practical strategies for dealing with difficult situations and managing unpleasant feelings
  • help you to prepare for medical tests and treatments
  • make sure you have the information you want from health professionals in a format that is clear and helpful for you
  • put you in contact with specialist services who may be able to help you further.