Why you might meet with a psychologist

We work with adult patients who are managing and living with chronic medical conditions, where there are often particular challenges such as adhering to difficult medical regimes. Our focus is to work with you and your healthcare team to try to maximise your wellbeing. We'll often involve your family, friends or carers in the work as they can offer support and solutions in how to move forward.

Some of the difficulties that you might choose to see a psychologist about include:

  • stress arising from illness, diagnosis or treatment
  • depression, worry, anxiety or feelings of panic
  • sleep disturbance
  • loss of confidence
  • coping with changes in how you look
  • coping with changes in work or home life
  • sexual and relationship difficulties
  • loss, for example physical health or independence
  • fear of death and dying, and illness recurrence or exacerbation
  • making the most of life despite serious or disabling health problems, for example chronic pain or breathing difficulties
  • coping with complex treatment regimes and the effect of these on getting on with life.