Meet the team

The hand, wrist and elbow trauma and orthopaedics team consists of consultant surgeons, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Clinical lead

David Warwick

Professor David Warwick

Prof Warwick is a consultant hand surgeon with particular interests in rheumatology, problems with the distal radio-ulnar joint (which is at the end of the arm next to the wrist), Dupuytren's disease, hand trauma and wrist instabilities.

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Ms Eleni Balabanidou

Ms Balabanidou is a consultant surgeon whose work includes elective and trauma surgery on hands, wrists and elbows.

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Mr George Cox 

Mr Cox is a consultant upper limb and trauma surgeon who specialises in shoulder, hand and elbow surgery. He performs both arthroscopic (keyhole) and open surgery, and is passionate about the teaching of trauma care.

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David Hargreaves

Mr David Hargreaves 

Mr Hargreaves practises in hand, wrist and elbow surgery. He's involved in all aspects, from trauma injuries and revision elbow replacements to surgery of the little finger nail bed.

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Mr Alistair Phillips 

Mr Phillips is a consultant trauma and upper limb surgeon. As well as being a hand surgeon, he's part of the on-call trauma and orthopaedic team for the hospital's major trauma centre. He has a specialist interest in hand surgery performed under local anaesthetic.

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  • Peter Belward (lead physiotherapist for elbows and hands)
  • Karen Belward

Occupational therapists

Katie O’Donnell and Simi Padmanabhan