University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Our staff

The team looking after your child will include many different health professionals and support staff. You may notice that not everyone wears a uniform, but all our staff must wear an identification badge. If someone is not wearing a badge, please ask a member of staff who that person is.

Clinical staff

Our nurses

MatronMatron is a senior nurse and has overall responsibility for the management of our wards.

Senior healthcare assistants Senior healthcare assistants are nursing support staff who have undergone training which enables them to undertake some of the nursing tasks.


Senior sisterSenior sister is the most senior nurse on each ward and has overall responsibility for managing that ward.

Clinical nurse specialists Clinical nurse specialists are registered nurses who have developed, specialist skills in a particular area of nursing care.


Sisters Sisters are experienced registered nurses on each shift and have responsibility for running the ward during that shift.

Healthcare assistants Healthcare assistants are nursing support staff who help look after your child by providing basic nursing care such as feeding and washing.


Staff nurses Staff nurses are registered nurses, some of who may be newly qualified and some of who have many years’ experience in caring for children and young people.


Our doctors

Registrars are doctors who are enrolled in a specialist training program, working towards becoming a consultant.

Consultants are doctors who have spent many years training in their specialist area. Your child will be admitted under the care of a consultant who will also supervise the registrar. You may not see the consultant on every occasion but he or she will remain in charge of your child’s treatment.

Support staff

Ward clerksWard clerks help with the general smooth running of the ward, providing many administrative and customer service tasks.

HousekeepersHousekeepers look after the ward environment and also help with kitchen duties and food service.


Play specialistsPlay specialists provide play activities for inpatients, either in the playroom or at the bedside. They will help prepare your child for procedures using play therapy, enabling children to act out their anxieties and develop ways of coping. Our play specialists can also provide pre-admission visits and practice sessions for some medical procedures before admission.

Other health staff

You and your child may meet one or more of our other health staff.

Dietitians are specialists in nutrition and its role in health and disease. Our dietitians are available for advice on all aspects of infant and child nutrition including assessment, recommendations for nutritional management and implementation of therapeutic diets within hospital.

Pharmacists are qualified professionals who are part of the healthcare team. The pharmacist will look after all drug matters while your child is in hospital and is available to answer any questions you may have about the medication your child is prescribed.

Social workers can help with emotional support during times of crisis, arranging counselling for parents, children, young people and other family members and assisting with community care.

Physiotherapists work in a variety of areas. They can assess your child and develop a special programme to suit his or her needs. They monitor their progress and teach you the skills to help them perform everyday tasks.

Our physios can also help ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home and return to crèche, nursery or school, in conjunction with you, your child, healthcare workers and teachers.

Occupational therapists work with children and families to help your child manage daily activities such as self-care, play and pre-school and school tasks.

When your child is discharged from hospital, we may refer you and your child to a community-based service.

Speech therapists specialise in managing babies, children and young people who have speech, language and voice problems that make communication difficult. They also work with children who have problems swallowing food and drink.

Your speech therapist will work with your healthcare team to understand, plan and manage your child’s treatment to ensure your child receives the best care and advice.