Funding your treatment

Funding your treatment

We've developed a private patient tariff that we think is fair and reasonable for you. For information about the cost of treatment, email us at

See the options below for different ways to fund your treatment.

UK patients with medical insurance

In the first instance, please contact the relevant private patient coordinator to ensure that appropriate pre-authorisation from your medical insurer is obtained before you come to your outpatient appointment and/or start your treatment. You can find out which private patient coordinator to contact from the list on this page.

You'll need to obtain authorisation from your insurer before your appointment, and there will be a requirement to complete an undertaking to pay form. 

Non-UK patients with medical insurance

We hold agreements with all major medical insurers, and will need to confirm the details of your policy before we can help with your arrangements for treatment.

Self-funding patients

We offer special prices for UK and non-UK patients who wish to fund their own medical treatment. You'll need to pay in advance of your treatment upon agreement of your estimated invoice. Please contact the private patients team for a price quotation.

Patients funded by the health office of an embassy

We accept valid letters of guarantee from most overseas embassies. Your health office can arrange an initial appointment and the administrative side of this process for you. In the first instance, please contact the private patient coordinator related to the specialty.


If you'd like to make a general enquiry, please contact our private patients team on