Research Passport

The Research Passport system is a process for NHS employees in other trusts or academic sector employees wishing to undertake research at  University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS).

All individuals wishing to carry out research that involves UHS premises, staff or patients must check if they require contractual cover from the Trust and, if so, what type of cover is required.

If UHS is your substantive employer, or you have an honorary clinical contract with the Trust, then you are already eligible to carry out research within the Trust (provided the project has received the necessary ethical and R&D approvals to go ahead).

  • Undergraduate students registered with the University of Southampton do not require a Research Passport or UHS Honorary Contract for any work which is directly part of their degree programme.
  • Individuals whose substantive employer is another NHS trust will be issued with a Letter of Access to cover their work in UHS. This includes NHS employees who are also registered for a postgraduate degree. Their employing R&D Office will provide an NHS to NHS Confirmation of Pre-engagement Checks letter (template on NIHR Research Passport website). The researcher sends this letter including CV and GCP training certificate to UHS R&D.
  • Non-NHS employed individuals and postgraduate students must apply for a Research Passport using the NIHR form. University of Southampton staff and postgraduate students should use the local website. The Research Passport, together with CV and GCP training certificate, is sent to the UHS R&D department. The passport must contain information about the type of research activity (risk to patients), pre-engagement checks, CRB and occupational health clearance and access to which UHS facilities is required. Depending on the level of risk to patients, either a Letter of Access (no likely impact on diagnosis or treatment, with access to patients, identifiable patient data, patient tissue or access to NHS staff) or am Honorary Research Contract (impact on diagnosis and treatment) will be issued and sent to the researcher.
  • In some cases, additional pre-engagement checks may be required before an individual can be offered an honorary contract by UHS.
  • If you are a UHS employee and plan to conduct research in other NHS trust, please pre-complete the NHS to NHS confirmation of pre-engagement checks and send it together with your CV and GCP certificate to R&

For further information regarding the Research Passport process, please email R&