Southampton City - five representatives

Tony Havlin

Tony HavlinI was a late entrant to both university (mature student) and public service. I recently retired after three differing careers: soldier, student and local government senior legal officer (17 years), with 51 years’ service in HM Forces, both public and private legal practice and statutory bodies.

I still take a keen interest in local community affairs and have in the past been a school governor, representative both on the local school governor’s forum and the new governor applicants vetting committee. Currently, I am the trustee/treasurer of a community-run recreation ground where we raise money to fund and provide free sporting events and coaching activities for local children and teenagers.

Despite my years, I am still well able to think outside the box to achieve a just outcome, and have a proactive approach to legislative changes. My skillset has given me both the insight and necessary legal and investigative skills to assimilate diverse information, analyse, form an opinion, and then prepare an initial report in many diverse legal areas - insolvency to personal injury, PLL to highways, IT to pensions, property, planning and enforcement issues, historic occupational disease claims and contracts. I have experience preparing meetings and agendas, taking minutes and giving both written and verbal advice to senior officers and county councillors.

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Katherine Barbour

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Tim Waldron

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Theresa Airimiokhale

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