Southampton City - five representatives

Tony Havlin

Tony HavlinI was a late entrant to both university (mature student) and public service. I recently retired after three differing careers: soldier, student and local government senior legal officer (17 years), with 51 years’ service in HM Forces, both public and private legal practice and statutory bodies.

I still take a keen interest in local community affairs and have in the past been a school governor, representative both on the local school governor’s forum and the new governor applicants vetting committee. Currently, I am the trustee/treasurer of a community-run recreation ground where we raise money to fund and provide free sporting events and coaching activities for local children and teenagers.

Despite my years, I am still well able to think outside the box to achieve a just outcome, and have a proactive approach to legislative changes. My skillset has given me both the insight and necessary legal and investigative skills to assimilate diverse information, analyse, form an opinion, and then prepare an initial report in many diverse legal areas - insolvency to personal injury, PLL to highways, IT to pensions, property, planning and enforcement issues, historic occupational disease claims and contracts. I have experience preparing meetings and agendas, taking minutes and giving both written and verbal advice to senior officers and county councillors.

Declaration of interests: Relative is an employee at UHS


Katherine Barbour

KBarbourI have lived in Southampton for 10 years and concluded my working career with the Wessex Academic Health Science Network engaged in projects around healthy ageing. 

Passionate about improving the care of people with dementia, I started a dementia action group in Portswood and have run two successful dementia festivals in the city.

I am also concerned about the environmental footprint of the hospital.  Previously, I’ve worked with NHS trusts to exploit the potential of telemedicine and telecare to deliver health and social care and I am keen for care to be delivered remotely as much as possible. 

As an active member of the Green Party, I have campaigned on issues around the city such as access to the waterfront, mental health services and against expansion of the local airport.  My particular bugbear is the continuing use of single use cups for drinks and I would like to see everyone bringing a reusable cup with them when they visit the hospital.

Declaration of interests: Working on a contract funded by Southampton City CCG to help make GP surgeries Dementia friendly, Joint chair of a Dementia Action Group in Portswood, Southampton, Member of the Royal Society of Medicine, digital health section (unpaid role)


Theresa Airimiokhale

TAirimiokhaleI am delighted to have been elected as governor. Having been a patient at the Trust, I am indebted to the staff, who do their best to provide high quality care in such financially challenging situations. Maintaining a trust that continues to provide exceptional care is paramount.

As a governor, I hope to give back as well to represent the views of the community who use the Trust’s services, ensuring all patients receive the best possible care and experience, now and in the future. I am particularly interested in diversity and equality, strategic planning and community involvement

Working in diverse sectors including education, health and social care, school governance and management, I have developed great analytical, communication and strategic planning skills which I hope to bring to the role.

Declaration of interests: none


Forkanul Quader

Forkanul QuaderI am honoured to have been elected as governor, and I feel passionate about public health and care. I received excellent treatment as a patient of the Trust in the past and have seen some of the challenges faced by the staff.

My career has involved many years at sea, climbing from cadet to captain before coming ashore to settle down. I then taught for 12 years at maritime training institutions, and joined the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). I have served my community through different organisations such as the Cultural Diversity Advisory Group to the Media (CDAGM), Art Asia Trust, BBC Audience Council and as one of the diversity champions at the MCA.

I believe my problem solving, policy development and organisational skills will serve the Council for Governors, and the community members it represents, well.

Declaration of interests: none


Tim Waldron

TWaldronMy daughter Isabel was born extremely prematurely and suffered extensive brain damage, causing severe epilepsy. She has 10 to 12 seizures each day and every few months she has one that is life threatening. On those occasions, the staff at UHS have saved her life more times than I care to remember.

Serving as a governor is a way for me to use my skills and experience to say 'thank you' to everyone at UHS - not just the doctors and nurse, but also the administrators, porters, cleaners, canteen staff and so many others who all play a role in caring for my family when we need them most.

This fuels my passionate commitment to the NHS; however I also believe that my skills and experience can help ensure that UHS provides the best possible care for the people of Southampton and beyond.

Given the amount of time spent in hospital with Isabel, I have a deep understanding of the patient experience. This is enhanced through my job as a beneficiary support manager for a national HIV charity. I am a qualified solicitor (non-practising) and previously specialised in corporate governance, with considerable experience of assuring good governance and holding organisations to account.

I have also been a trustee of a number of national and local charities, including Rose Road, and have held government oversight roles at the Department for Communities.

Declaration of interests: none