Staff governors

Dr Max Jonas (medical and dental)

Max JonasOver the 20 years I have been at UHS, I have got to know many people who work here. I have, like everyone, seen the good and bad and been on the receiving end of both. I also have learnt in my time here what it means to have support and guidance along the way. I clearly see that the relationship between the Trust Board and staff has improved significantly over the last four years. I intend to be that conduit between the staff members and Trust Board that continues this positive momentum and promotes dialogue and discussion around all areas of Trust business.

As one of the consultants on the general intensive care unit, I have seen UHS in action day and night. I believe in the diversity which has been encouraged and also in spending time listening to others. As a governor I will give a strong commitment to all staff members that I will represent them to ensure that UHS continues to support us all on its journey to provide clinical excellence and outstanding patient care.

Declaration of interest: none


Dr Elaine Tomlins (nursing and midwifery)

ETomlinsI am delighted to have been elected as a governor representing nursing and midwifery. I have worked at UHS for 25 years. I work primarily in cancer care and have seen the complex journeys patients go through to optimise health. I believe a good staff experience translates into a good patient experience. With nursing and midwifery being the biggest workforce and having most contact with patients, ensuring a positive working environment is essential. 

However, good care is not the lone responsibility of nursing and midwifery and my time in cancer care has convinced me of the value of multidisciplinary working.  Every member of staff has a part to play in both creating a positive workplace and optimal patient care. I am keen to ensure constant dialogue between the staff and the board, and will commit to representing my colleagues with passion and honesty.

Declaration of interest: none


Emil Bica (other clinical staff)

Emil BicaI have been part of the Trust for three years and previously worked in a nursing home. As a health care assistant in F level theatres with management experience for almost eight years and a background in economics, I hope that I will be able to help my colleagues and the Trust by coming up with some new ideas.  I am willing to put the work in to try and make new ideas work if they are beneficial to the Trust, my colleagues and of course patients.

I believe it is important to continue learning and am currently studying for a postgraduate diploma in strategic management (level seven) and apprenticeship in health and social care (level three). After this I hope to do a master’s in business administration.

Declaration of interest: none


Sara Hughes (non-clinical and support staff)

SHughesI am thrilled to have been elected as a governor. I'm particularly interested in strategic planning, staff wellbeing, the environment and equality.

With a passion for healthcare and medicine development, I adore my job as a project manager with the Clinical Research Facility.

I have seen the hospital transform and grow a lot in the eight years I've worked for the Trust, and I love it here.

As a non-clinical staff member in a clinical environment, I fully understand how your opinions can feel lost or ignored. I will offer a fresh perspective, provide colleagues with a voice and put forward new ideas, understanding that the hospital is more than just the clinical staff you can see.

Declaration of interest: none