Staff governors

14 Phil HarriesPhil Harries (medical practitioners and dental)

I have been a Consultant ENT Surgeon at UHS for over 20 years and during my time I have been involved in expanding my own department, developing my own skills and in helping shape the careers of my trainees.

The key component I have learnt is the need to listen and to give time and space to allow new and excellent ideas to develop and flourish.

Like many, I have witnessed good and bad practices and I want to use what I have learnt from my experiences to enable all staff to feel supported by UHS and help them in their quest to uphold the trust values.

As Governor I will ensure that, at all times, I act fairly, respecting equality, diversity and inclusivity. My aim is to ensure that UHS continues to support all employees in its mission to provide clinical excellence and the best possible care for patients.

Declaration of interests:  I have a private ENT Practice and work as part
of the ENT Group


Vacant (nursing and midwifery staff)


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Kelly LloydKelly Lloyd (Health Professional and Health Scientist staff)

I am delighted to have been elected as a governor representing the Health Professional and Health Scientist staff group.  I have recently joined UHS after spending the past 8 years in New Zealand. I am a Therapeutic radiographer, employed within the Radiation Physics team to plan and prepare treatments for cancer patients undergoing Radiotherapy.

I have a strong passion for continuous learning and as such I always aim to foster a culture that is safe and supportive to enable us to grow and expand our skills. I have previously worked on staff engagement initiatives to empower individuals to speak up if they have concerns around safety and professionalism and equally as importantly, how we should respond when we are spoken up to.

I am keen to work with you and the board to ensure that UHS is an organisation that we are all proud to work for and one that places value on the skills and efforts we all bring to the service on a daily basis.    

Declaration of interests: none


IMG_1946Amanda Turner (non-clinical and support staff)

I have worked in a non-clinical role for the Trust for over 6 years now and I am very proud to say I work for UHS. Over the 6 years I have seen many changes in the way change has been approached including the bottom up approach to change. I am extremely in favour of this approach and giving the workers a voice. In the present NHS economic climate with stretched resources it remains a challenge to deliver on the growing list of targets whilst maintain highest standards of care. I would welcome the role of becoming a governor to support and contribute to the future of our Trust. This position would give me the opportunity to represent all staff groups across sites and act as an ambassador for the Trust.

I am a professional that has a disposition for liaison work and a concern for accuracy coupled with a need to maintain and raise standards, use my time effectively, give confidence to others and very dependable. I work well independently and as part of a team. I have excellent communication skills, fully supportive of the need for change; I am reliable and very approachable. I enjoy communicating with all staff groups and levels. UHS have invested in my future and I would like to pay that investment back.


Declaration of interests: none