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Intellectual Property statement

The Trust owns the intellectual property rights subsisting in all materials including but not limited to: any concepts, images, photographs, designs, drawings, texts, artwork, graphics, sound recordings, video and audio materials, logos, taglines, processes, know-how, business methods, programming codes, software and data created for or developed by or on behalf of the Trust in the Global Digital Exemplar Programme ("GDE Programme IPR").

The Trust hereby permits you to use, copy, modify and/or develop of the GDE Programme IPR subject to compliance with the following conditions:

  •  any use, copying, modification and/or development of the GDE Programme IPR is for non-commercial purposes;
  •  you acknowledge that any and all intellectual property rights in any modifications, improvements, adaptations and/or derivative works created from the GDE Programme IPR by you ("Derivative IPR") will vest in the Trust and upon the Trust's request you agree to execute documents and to do all acts necessary to ensure that legal title to the Derivative IPR vests in Trust and you waive, and agrees to procure the waiver of individuals engaged by you in the creation of Derivative IPR, any and all moral rights arising under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and so far as is legally possible, any broadly equivalent rights you  may have in any territory of the world in the Derivative IPR; 
  • you notify the Trust of any use, copying, development and/or modification of the GDE Programme IPR by notification to the following e-mail address: England.gdeblueprints@nhs.net;
  • you provide acknowledgements that the Trust owns the intellectual property rights in the GDE Programme IPR and Derivative IPR;


  • upon the Trust’s request, or the request of NHS England acting on behalf of the Trust, you provide (at the requestor’s choice) physical or electronic copies of any Derivative IPR to the following e-mail address: England.gdeblueprints@nhs.net, or such other address as stated by the requestor.


Failure to comply with any of these terms will result in all rights and permissions ceasing automatically.