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eDMS (Electronic Document Management System) is the trust’s electronic version of the patient record. It holds clinical information for patients receiving care or treatment within UHS and Southern Health (also available to view through eDMS).

In 2018 eDMS was rolled out across the trust. Case notes which had been stored at a records library were scanned in to be viewable in eDMS. The system acts as a single point of access for patient notes. Notes on eDMS can be viewed at any time in any location by multiple users simultaneously. The system is secure, with sensitive information protected with confidentiality codes. 


“Using eDMS in the Clinical Oncology Lung Clinic has really enabled me to manage my time better. Invariably my clinic would be finished & I would have to carry stacks of notes back to my office. I don’t have to do this now. I can log onto any computer at UHS & access my documents to complete.”

Claire Marsh, Chemotherapy Nurse Practitioner


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