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Trauma and orthopaedics ward re-opens following a two-phase refurbishment

Our project management team were proud to fully reopen F1 ward after a two-phase refurbishment on trauma and orthopaedics.

The project adds four new ensuite rooms and a clean fresh look to the entire ward. It reopens with a capacity of 32 beds across the ward, with specific major trauma and orthopaedic bays.

The new refurbishment has introduced clearly defined areas across the ward, including a central reception desk and quiet rooms. The ward also houses a physiotherapist and doctors’ office, as well as a brand new workstation complete with an electronic whiteboard.

Following government-led guidance, F1 ward is now one of the most technologically advanced in-patient wards in University Hospital Southampton. The project introduced a number of developments including:

  • new flooring and ceiling
  • LED dimmable lights
  • vertical electrical columns
  • new bariatric room with ensuite bathroom

Adding to these structural improvements, F1 has now been decorated with dementia-friendly colour coding with graphics and artwork in each bay. Each bay has dedicated colour schemes reflected in doors, feature walls and artwork throughout. Coloured doors for wet rooms and WC facilities are now consistent across the ward, helping to provide a bright, comfortable and accessible environment.

"It has been a real boost for staff morale given the new facilities now available to us," says Harriet Drabble, a sister on the ward. "Ensuring high standards of patient care is at the heart of everything we do, and we are extremely grateful for this refurbishment that will enhance the care we already provide."

Rodrigo Rodrigues, a staff nurse on F1, found a home on the ward saying: "I moved to Southampton from Portugal in search of a more rewarding work experience and I found it here on our newly refurbished ward. It's very exciting to have the opportunity to work within a major trauma unit and have the chance to develop my skills further."


To minimise the impact of construction work on patient care, the project was completed in multiple phases in order to work with seasonal pressures. Phase one was completed in November 2017 followed by the commencement of phase two in 2018.

The project was completed by University Hospital Southampton and LST Projects LTD, working in collaboration with Kendall Kingscott Architects and Hulley & Kirkwood consultants.