Laser safety training (including intense pulsed light sources)

We offer 'core of knowledge' laser safety courses for both medical and surgical applications and cosmetic and aesthetic applications. Courses are run at Southampton General Hospital and last approximately half a day. We also run bespoke and on-site laser or IPL safety courses, which last up to three hours and can be tailored to your application. Please contact us for details.

Course dates

Please contact us for details of the next public half day course and download the public laser CoK booking form.

About our courses

Our courses cover all aspects of the ‘core of knowledge’ defined in the MHRA guidance on the safe use of lasers, intense light source systems and LEDs in medical, surgical, dental and aesthetic practices. They meet the requirements of those required to register with the Care Quality Commission.

The courses are aimed at doctors, nurses, ODPs and beauticians but will also be of interest to medical physicists, physiotherapists, health and safety officers and others working with medical or cosmetic lasers and IPL systems.

Meet our trainers

Clare Joy

Clare is an accredited laser protection adviser (LPA) and is the LPA for the Trust and other clients of the radiation protection group. She has several years of experience in laser safety and laser safety teaching.

Dr Ruth Bradley

Ruth is a clinical scientist working in the radiation protection group and has several years of experience in laser safety.

Ben Johnson

Ben is head of the radiation protection group and has been teaching laser safety courses for approximately ten years.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your needs please contact:

Radiation protection
Medical physics department
Southampton General Hospital
SO16 6YD