Adult tests

Bone scan

This is a test at look at the blood supply to your bones and also examines them for damage and disease processes.  


This test looks at the blood supply to the brain, particularly to look for damage after a stroke or other conditions of ageing.

Brain DAT

This test looks at certain areas of brain tissue that may be responsible for conditions such as Parkinson's Disease and other types of tremor.

Cardiac perfusion

This test examines the blood supply to the heart muscle. These blood vessels or Coronary Arteries can become narrowed or blocked causing chest pain, shortness of breath or even a heart attack.

Cardiac MUGA

This test looks at the way the heart muscle moves and how effectively the heart beats.

Dacroscintigram (tear duct)

This test looks at the drainage of the tear ducts around the eye.

Gastric emptying scan

This test measures the rate at which the stomach empties after eating and can also examine conditions of excessive reflux.

Kidney – DMSA

This test examines the structure of the kidneys to look for scarring caused by repeated urine infections for example.

Kidney – GFR

This test measures the overall function of the kidneys and their ability to remove waste products from the body.

Kidney– Mag 3

This test examines the drainage of the kidneys and can look for obstructions in the ureters or bladder.

Liver – Brida

This test looks at the rate at which the liver produces bile (a substance that helps in the absorption of fat) and how quickly it is excreted from the gall bladder.

Lung V/Q scan

This test compares the blood supply with the air spaces in the lungs.


This test looks at the lymph drainage of the limbs, for example in cases of unexplained swelling of the legs.

Meckles scan

This simple test looks for evidence of inflamation in a meckels diverticulum. This is a small pouch that can develop in the bowel causing inflamation and bleeding.

mIBG scan

This investigation helps in the diagnosis of and treatment options for certain hormone-producing abdominal growths.

Octreo scan

This investigation helps in the diagnosis of and treatment options for certain hormone-producing abdominal growths.

Parathyroid scan

This test helps detect enlargement of the parathyroid glands which are associated with the control of calcium levels in the body.


This test measures how the body absorbs bile salts as part of the investigation of diarrhoea type symptoms.

Sentinel node scan

This test looks at lymphatic drainage in order to locate the main lymph node in an area of skin.

Thyroid scan

This test looks at the function, size and shape of the thyroid gland.