Bone scan

This is a very useful test to examine many different bone problems, for example infection, inflamation, arthritis, stress fractures and malignant processes among others.

You will be given an injection in the arm of a small amount of radioactivity that is taken up by the bone cells. This feels very similar to a blood test and has no side effects.

Images of the bones may be taken immediately and up to two or three hours later, depending on the reason for the scan. You are free to go away until it is time for the images or you can wait in our waiting room. During this time it is important to have plenty to drink (four to five cups of fluid), and you can empty your bladder as much as you need to.

When the images are taken there is no need to undress, but it is necessary to remove any metal objects from the clothing or in the pockets, such as coins, belts, watches, and jewellery.

After all the images are completed, the technologist will check them and you will be able to go home. We will not be able to give out the result of the study immediately but a written report will be sent to the referring doctor. There are no side effects from the test.