This is a test to look at the size, position and activity levels  of the parathyroid glands. These four small glands usually sit in the neck close to the thyroid, but can sometimes develop in the chest.

You can eat and drink normally for the test, but some types of medication may need to be stopped so it is important that you provide the department with a prescription list before your appointment.

You may be given one or two injections of a radioactive tracer which settles into both the thyroid and parathyroid glands. These feel very similar to a blood test and have no side effects. In either case images are taken with a gamma camera while you are lying on a special couch.

The test may take up to three hours. After all the images are completed, the technologist will check them and you will be able to go home. We will not be able to give out the result immediately, but a written report will be sent to the referring doctor. There are no side effects from the test.