Lung V/Q

This is a two part test to look at the blood and air supplies to the lungs, either to check for the presence of small blood clots or to measure and compare how each lung works.

For the lung Q study, to look at the blood supply, you are given an injection in the arm (this feels like a blood test) of a small amount of radioactivity that is temporarily trapped in the fine blood vessels of the lungs.

A series of images are then taken for about two to five minutes, with you lying on a special couch under the gamma camera or sitting in an imaging chair in front of it.

For the lung V study, to look at airways in the lung, you will breathe some air through a mouthpiece for about two minutes with a fine radioactive gas in it.

Images will then be taken in exactly the same manner as the perfusion study. Sometimes a perfusion (Q) study is carried out without the ventilation study.

After all the images have been completed, they will be examined by one of our doctors and a report will be sent back to the patient’s referring doctor. If the scan result indicates that some treatment is needed, this will be arranged before you leave the department.