Kidney DMSA

This is a test to look at the blood supply and function of the kidneys. You will be given an injection in your arm of a small amount of radioactivity that settles in the kidney cells. This feels very similar to a blood test and has no side effects. A set of images will be taken on a gamma camera two hours later. You are free to go away until it is time for the images or you can wait in our waiting room. During this time it is important that you have plenty to drink and empty your bladder whenever you need to.

When the images are taken it is not necessary to undress, but you will be asked to remove any metal objects you are wearing or you might have in your pockets, such as coins, belts, watches, and jewellery. You will need to lie on a special couch while the gamma camera takes a series of pictures for about 20 minutes. The camera does not go over your head, nor will you go through a tunnel.

After all the images are completed, the technologist will check them before you go home. We will not be able to give out the result of the study immediately but a written report will be sent to the referring doctor. There are no side effects from the test.