Kidney Mag-3

This is a test to look at the drainage of the kidneys and the ureters into the bladder. While you are lying on a special couch, you will be given an injection in your arm of a small amount of radioactivity that is rapidly cleared from the blood stream by the kidneys. At the same time a diuretic is given to speed up this process. The injection feels very similar to a blood test and can make you feel the need to empty your bladder more frequently for the next few hours.

You do not need to undress for the images, which will be taken immediately  for a period of at least 20 minutes. The two gamma cameras will be above and below the bed, they do not move, nor do they touch you. Further images may be required after an hour. After all the images are completed, the technologist will check them before you go home. We will not be able to give out the result of the study immediately but a written report will be sent to the referring doctor. There are no other side effects from the test.