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Southampton musicians thank our NHS superheroes

Cordelectra (Christian Lawson)Local electric string trio Cordelectra have shown their support for NHS staff in a heart-warming online performance to raise funds for staff and services at University Hospital Southampton, where two of the group's members are patients.

The trio, made up of Emma Clark, Patricia Spodzieja and Debbie Ruth, recorded their performance of The Script's chart-topping hit 'Superheroes' while in isolation.

"As patients, we wanted to give something back," said cellist Debbie Ruth. "We wanted to mark this time and send love to those working on the front line - to show them how appreciated they are."

The video, which featured many of our hard-working, front-line colleagues, has already been viewed more than 4,000 times.

Emma Clark, who plays the violin, stayed in our intensive care unit for a month following a complicated birth and continues to visit for regular treatment.

She said: "We love the hospital. Staff at the Trust have given me a phenomenal level of care which has immensely helped my wellbeing. I can't thank them enough. The work they do every day is so vital, especially during these unprecedented times."

Debbie, who would normally be under the care of our C5 ward team, said: "Cystic fibrosis doesn't stop because of COVID-19 and I still require regular hospital care. The nature of the condition means that, along with many other patients, I am in a high-risk category.

"Many members of the cystic fibrosis team have been redeployed to the COVID-19 front line and CF patients are being treated in a cabin outside the hospital to keep us safe. The team treating us have been fantastic and those who have been redeployed are in my thoughts."

Patricia, who plays the viola in the trio, added: "This would have been our peak gig season but through music, we hope to inspire and help spread positivity and motivation to those who need it."

The group, who started making music together in 2013, has previously performed at numerous Southampton Hospital Charity events, including our annual staff awards ceremony, Hospital Heroes. They hope to keep supporting colleagues here at the Trust by raising funds using their incredible musical talents.

Find out how you can support our staff here

*Picture courtesy of Cordelectra and Christian Lawson