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Antibiotic games arcade

'The most dangerous game in the world' comes to Southampton

For World Antibiotic Awareness Week, our pharmacy team tells us more about antibiotic resistance and why it matters to the future of healthcare.

Bacterial infections are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In 2016 there were 3 million lives lost to lung infections, 1.4 million to diarrhoea and another 1.3 million to tuberculosis.

Without antibiotics, this picture would be a lot worse. However, antibiotic resistance is increasingly becoming a threat to how these drugs save lives.

With almost 40% of inpatients at University Hospital Southampton receiving at least one dose of antibiotics each day; it’s vital we all understand the danger.

Resistance grows alongside the use of any antibiotic. Microbes mutate and develop, sharing ways with their fellow microbes of how to resist antibiotics. Multiple mutations can lead to the evolution of superbugs that are extremely difficult to kill and can have very serious complications.

To add to the problem, very few new antibiotics have been discovered since the 1980s. This could lead to a future where a ‘small’ infection could leave you severely ill because no antibiotic will effectively work against the bacteria.

As a result, the NHS and other health organisations across the world are trying to reduce the use of antibiotics especially for health problems that aren’t serious.

To help raise awareness on World Antibiotic Awareness Week, we’re excited to bring ‘the most dangerous game in the world’ to the main entrance of University Hospital Southampton on Friday, 22 November (10.30am to 3pm). 

Developed by the Winchester Science Centre and University of Southampton, the arcade-style exhibit has six games to try that explore different aspects of drug resistance.

‘Microbe Combat’ will need you to keep patients alive using the correct drugs, ‘Your Skin Is Your Shield’ focuses on hand washing and ‘Superbugs’ lets you eliminate bugs with a limited amount of antibiotics.

You’ll be able to learn more about antibiotic resistance and your body’s natural defences against infection all while having fun on a video game!

We’ll also be out and about around the Trust to talk to patients and staff about using antibiotics and joining in with some colouring activities and quizzes in Southampton Children’s Hospital.

Please come along and help us beat the bugs!

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