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Trust highlights

In our Trust highlight section we share an insight into our staff and services at University Hospital Southampton. We also regularly raise awareness for a number of causes. 

  • 'The most dangerous game in the world' comes to Southampton
    Without antibiotics, millions would die from bacterial infections. However, antibiotic resistance is increasingly becoming a threat to how these drugs save lives. Our pharmacy team explains how we'll be using video games to raise awareness.
  • Get thinking about your drinking
    Alcohol is a causal factor in more than 60 medical conditions including a number of cancers. For Alcohol Awareness Week, we're putting the spotlight on the harm that alcohol misuse can cause. 
  • Ensuring every patient has access to leading edge healthcare
    Our patient experience team have been working hard to improve how we meet the needs of all our service users and visitors. This includes new accessibility guides, communication support and online resources.