Meet the team

Dr Dimopoulos

Dr Kostas Dimopoulos

Dr Dimopoulos from the Royal Brompton Hospital visits and advises our adult congential heart disease and pulmonary hypertension teams. This shared care arrangement means you benefit from specialised treatments and services, delivered locally.

Fitzsimmons, Dr Samantha (cardiac) photo

Dr Samantha Fitzsimmons

Dr Fitzsimmons has a specialist interest in pulmonary arterial hypertension in adult congenital heart disease, care for women with cardiac problems during pregnancy and Fontan circulation patients.
Call Dr Fitzsimmons' secretary on 023 8120 6055.

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Mel Finch

Mel Finch, clinical nurse specialist

Mel leads the nursing service for patients who have pulmonary hypertension as well as pre-existing heart conditions. She can support you and your family or carers, and provide information and guidance to help you understand your condition and care and treatment options. Mel also works with Riehank Khan (below) to organise deliveries of specialist medicine to you at home.
You can call Mel on 07717 714724 if you have any questions - if she can't take your call, please leave your name and phone number. Email

Riehanh Khan

Riehanh Khan, specialist pharmacist

Riehanh helps to organise deliveries to make sure specialist medicines are available for you at home, as well as when you come into hospital.

Gemma Short

Gemma Short

Gemma is Dr Fitzsimmons' secretary. She types letters and manages requests to book tests, clinic appointments and admissions. She answers queries, referring clinical concerns to the nurse specialist team, and manages Dr Fitzsimmons' diary. Email

Associated consultants

Linda Drummond

Dr Linda Drummond

Dr Drummond is a consultant echocardiographer.

Trevor Richens110x110.jpg

Dr Trevor Richens

Dr Richens is the lead congenital and dedicated pulmonary hypertension interventional cardiologist.

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Dr Nicholas Hayes

Dr Nicholas Hayes

Dr Hayes is a consultant congenital interventional cardiologist, and with a special interest in congential cardiac catheter intervention.

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Alan Magee

Dr Alan Magee

Dr Magee is a consultant congenital interventional cardiologist.

Andy Curry

Dr Andrew Curry

Dr Curry is a consultant cardiothoracic anaesthetist, and is the lead for adult congential heart disease, with an interest in pulmonary hypertension.

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Tom Pierce

Dr Tom Pierce

Dr Pierce is a consultant cardiothoracic anaesthetist, with an interest in pulmonary hypertension.

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Charles Peebles

Dr Charles Peebles

Dr Peebles is a consultant radiologist. He covers all aspects of cardiac and thoracic radiology, with a sub-specialty interest in cardiac MRI and CT.

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Stephen Harden

Dr Stephen Harden

Dr Harden is a consultant radiologist, with experience in adult and congenital cardiac MRI.

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James Shambrook

Dr James Shambrook

Dr Shambrook is a consultant radiologist. He performs congenital and adult cardiac MRI, including functional ischaemia imaging, cardiac CT and thoracic CT.

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Dr Ausami Abbas

Dr Abbas is a consultant radiologist, and is experienced in all aspects of cardiothoracic (heart and chest) imaging, particularly cardiac MRI, cardiac CT and chest CT.