Staff on the ward

On the ward you will see many different members of staff. If you're not sure who they are please ask them to explain.

All staff should be wearing name badges with the trust logo. If you can't see the badge, you can ask them to show it to you.

The person in charge of your medical care is called a consultant, and he or she will have a team of doctors who work with them. Along with other doctors who may visit you, the consultant will discuss your condition and offer you the best available treatment options.

Out of normal hours and at weekends, your care will be provided by 'on-call' doctors.

Senior nurse

Lead nurses/Senior nurses

The senior staff are in charge of a group of wards, and can deal with a problem if the ward staff are unable to do so.



A medical consultant will oversee your diagnosis, investigations and treatment. He or she has a team of doctors to support your care




Matrons are in charge of a group of wards and take full responsibility for ensuring excellent patient experience and safety.

Ward sister

Ward sister or charge nurse

The ward sister or charge nurse manages the whole ward. You can ask to see them if you have any concerns.

Staff nurse

Your registered nurse (staff nurse)

You will have a qualified nurse who is responsible for your nursing care. He or she will introduce themselves to you and will also have help from other nurses within the team while caring for you.

Associate practioners wear a similar uniform, with the addition of yellow epaulettes on their shoulders. They are not registered nurses but have a high level of training in specific areas and support the trained nurses.

Nurse specialist

Nurse specialists

Nurse specialists offer expert and specialist advice on a range of treatments.

Healthcare assistants

Healthcare assistants

Health care assistants assist the qualified nurse to meet your care needs

Ward housekeeper

Ward housekeeper/hostess

Your ward housekeeper will work with other ward staff to make sure the patient bed area is clean and tidy and that you have the right food.

Ward clark

Ward clerk

A ward clerk is has administrative responsibilities and can help you with general enquiries

Domestic staff

Domestic staff

Domestic staff are responsible for ensuring your ward is clean.




We are a teaching hospital so there may be a range of student care professionals involved in your care. They will identify themselves to you.