Shablak, Dr Alaaeldin

MBBS, MSc (Oxon), MD, MRCP, MRCP (medical oncology)

Shablak, Dr Alaaeldin (Medical oncology) photo


Medical oncology


Upper gastrointestinal, colorectal and lung malignancies and acute oncology

Training and education

  • MBBS (bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery), Tishreen University, Syrian Arab Republic
  • MSc (integrated immunology), University of Oxford

  • MD (cancer immunotherapy), University of Manchester

  • Specialist training in medical oncology at the Yorkshire and Humber Deanery


Dr Shablak is a consultant medical oncologist who joined the Trust in August 2015. He works between Southampton and Salisbury, overseeing the use of chemotheraphy and other drug therapies for patients with gastrointestinal and lung cancers. He's also involved in recruiting patients for clinical trials. In both hospitals he works in, Dr Shablak is a member of the acute oncology team service.

Dr Shablak has a sub-specialty interest in academic medicine, particularly cancer immunotherapy.

Key achievements

  • Undertook laboratory and clinical research investigating and developing criteria for treating kidney cancer patients with interleukin-2 immunotherapy  


You can contact Dr Shablak via his secretary Lucy Evans - email or call 023 8120 5493.