Davies, Dr Andrew

Dr Andrew DaviesBSc BM (Hons) MRCP PhD


Medical oncology


Lymphoma and high-dose chemotherapy  

Training and education

  • Graduated from the University of Southampton School of Medicine.
  • Basic medical training in London and Nottingham.
  • Specialist training in medical oncology at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London.


Dr Davies has worked for the Trust since January 2008.

Whilst training at St Bartholomew’s, Dr Davies specialised in the management of malignant lymphomas and undertook a PhD at the University of London in the molecular mechanisms of transformation of follicular lymphoma. Some of this time was spent at the US National Cancer Institute. 

Key achievements

Dr Davies is interested in the clinical course of malignant lymphoma, the investigation of novel therapeutic approaches and biomarker identification. He is also interested in the use of high-dose therapy with progenitor cell rescue in malignant disease. Dr Davies has published in all of these areas, and has written a number of book chapters and reviews. 

Dr Davies chairs the cancer care protocol review committee and the cancer sciences division clinical studies meeting.

Awards and prizes


  • Distinction in pre-clinical sciences.
  • Distinction in clinical medicine.
  • Bachelor of Medicine awarded with honours.
  • Hugh Makin Prize.
  • Richard Newitt Fellowship.
  • Wolfsen Foundation Award.


  • McElwain scholarship (Association of Cancer Physicians).
  • American Society of Hematology Abstract Award.
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology Merit Award.


The Southampton Lymphoma Group are investigating many novel approaches to managing lymphoma with a broad portfolio of clinical trials covering all phases of clinical development. The group is also pursing a number of observational and translational studies. In the laboratory, Dr Davies is investigating the role of microRNAs in lymphomagenesis and as markers of response.

Information on Dr Davies' research and publications is available on the University of Southampton website.