Ottensmeier, Professor Christian

Prof Christian Ottensmeier



Medical oncology


Thoracic malignancies, skin cancer, immunotherapy

Training and education

  • Medical degree, 1986
  • MD, Münster, Germany, 1989
  • PhD, University of Southampton, 1999
  • Certificate of completion of specialist training in medical oncology, 1997


Professor Ottensmeier has worked for the Trust since February 1994.

From 1991 to 1993, he was a research fellow at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA. In 1999, Professor Ottensmeier took on the roles of senior lecturer and consultant in medical oncology. In 2007 he became a professor of experimental cancer medicine.

Key achievements

  • Chair in experimental cancer medicine
  • Cancer Research UK senior clinical research fellow since 1999
  • Programme grant holder, Cancer Research UK
  • Programme grant holder, Leukemia Resarch Fund
  • Programme grant holder and lead, Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, Southampton.


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  • Ottensmeier, C.H.H, et al  (2008). DNA fusion gene vaccination, delivered with or without in vivo electroporation - a potent and safe strategy for inducing anti-tumor immune responses in prostate cancer. In American Society of Gene Therapy, 11th Annual Meeting. (Boston, MA, USA), p. Abstract 450987.
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