Shaw, Dr Emily



Histopathology (the study of changes in tissues caused by disease)


Molecular diagnostics and genomics, thoracic (chest) pathology and haematopathology (the study of diseases that affect blood cells)

Training and education

  • Medical degree - University of Southampton, 2002
  • Doctor of medicine (higher research degree) - University of Southampton, 2018
  • Postgraduate medical training in the Wessex region
  • Membership of the Royal College of Physicians
  • Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists


Dr Emily Shaw is a consultant histopathologist at University Hospital Southampton and an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Southampton. She specialises in the areas of lymphoreticular (lymphatic system and spleen), haematological (blood) and thoracic (chest) pathology.

Her role involves supporting research and clinical trial activity and molecular diagnostic service development, particularly as cellular pathology lead for the 100,000 Genomes cancer project. Dr Shaw has additional roles in the supervision, education and training of specialty registrars, foundation doctors, medical students and biomedical scientist/support worker staff at UHS and the University of Southampton. In January 2019, she was appointed pathology lead for the new West Midlands, Thames Valley and Wessex Genomic Consortium.

Previously, Dr Shaw worked for Cancer Research UK as clinical lead for the Stratified Medicine Programme, a national pilot project involving the application of molecular diagnostic tests to different types of cancer samples. She continues to co-lead ongoing activities for this project in the area of lung cancer at UHS with Dr Judith Cave, consultant medical oncologist.  


Dr Shaw's research interests include:

  • application of molecular techniques to tissue samples for better diagnosis, prognostication and prediction of treatment response
  • supporting and facilitating research studies requiring fresh or formalin-fixed tissue samples for analysis
  • developing and implementing new tissue-based tests into the cellular and molecular pathology clinical service.


You can contact Dr Shaw via her secretary, Jo Butcher, on ext. 4352 or at