University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Children's emergency department

Please go to reception when you arrive to give your details to a receptionist. You will then see the assessment nurse. They will talk to you to see how you are feeling, and can give you some medicine if any part of you hurts or you are feeling very unwell. You'll then be asked to wait in our children's waiting room until a nurse or doctor is ready to see you. The waiting room has books and toys to play with and there is a separate room for teenagers, which has arcade games and information leaflets for older children.

When we're ready to see you, a nurse will show you into the children's treatment area, which is open 24 hours a day. The children's area is bright and colourful, with all sorts of toys, books, games and DVDs to keep you occupied. Sometimes we even have art and craft sessions for you to join in with! All the doctors and nurses are very friendly and want to help you get better as quickly as possible.

While you're here, you may need to have an x-ray. This is a special photograph of your bones and will not hurt. There is no need to worry, your mum, dad or carer can stay with you while you're having your x-ray.

Back in the children's area, the doctor can show you the picture of your bones on the computer. If you have a broken bone, we will treat you by putting on a plaster cast or a bandage. Sometimes we will ask the bone doctors (orthopaedic) to come and see you.

At the end of your visit you will either go home or may need to stay on one of the children's wards in the hospital to have more treatment to help you get better. If this does happen, don't worry, one of your parents can stay on the ward with you.

Where are we?

Our emergency department is based at Southampton General Hospital. Find maps, parking and public transport information in the our hospitals section.

Emergency ambulances are the only vehicles permitted to use the access road into the emergency department (situated opposite the eye unit).

All other vehicles that require access to the emergency department, including cars, taxis and patient transport, are to use the drop-off bay outside of the North Wing entrance or the turning area directly outside of the emergency department entrance. This should be accessed via the main site entrance from Tremona Road. View our site map for more details.