Meet the team

Find out about our team of specialist staff working at the respiratory centre:


Nursing team

You're most likely to see one of our specialist nurses when you come to the respiratory centre. They co-ordinate many of our services, from your initial referral to being discharged.

Respiratory centre manager

Rachel Porter

Respiratory centre deputy

Jose Horno

Nurse specialists

Sarah Quarrell (interstitial lung disease) and Jackie Matthews (home oxygen)

Respiratory centre nurses

Carol Williams, Dawn King, Denise Douglas, Hayley Duke, Emma Whitehead, Akke De Groot and Charlene Kamanyire

Asthma, allergy and clinical immunology (AACI)

AACI manager

Eleanor Rayala-Montaniel

Asthma nurse specialist

Chellan Eames

Allergy nurse specialist

Alison Thomson

Allergy nurse specialist

Ciara Cashell

Immunology team

Sandra Edwards-Fenton and Maria-Elena Lorenzo

Associate practitioner

Carlie Page

Community team

Integrated COPD team manager

Samantha Brownsea

Integrated COPD team

Theresa Hamer, Camilla Fox, Gill Farnes, Joyce Pang, Sharon Horne and Aimee Alterra (community respiratory physio)

ICOPD team educator

Nikki James

Wider team


Denise Gibson (consultant physiotherapist), Sarah Ewles (lead physiotherapist), Fiona Cull (respiratory specialist physiotherapist), Beverly Attfield and Krissy Hanson (respiratory physiotherapists)


Eliza Tucker


Sally Anne Denton and Sarah Furlonger

Pulmonary function technicians  

Mark McEnroe (lead), Paul Bontoft, Liliana Godhino, Harry Griffin, Paula Pearson and Edward Simpson

Respiratory centre admin team

Natalie Barnes (team lead), Sharon White (deputy and sleep studies co-ordinator), Lacy Flahavan (AACI), Karren Carter (home oxygen service), Angela Norman (NIV service), Cameron Rochenko, Carys Sexton, Dawn Goring and Eleanor Hunter