Allison, Dr Robert





Interventional and vascular radiology

Training and education

  • Graduated from Leeds Medical School 2000
  • Radiology training scheme (Newcastle)
  • Interventional radiology fellowship


Dr Allison has worked for the Trust since September 2012. He is an interventional radiologist - a sub-speciality within radiology which treats life threatening bleeding (embolisation procedures) and drains sepsis (infection) from the kidneys, liver and abdomen.

He is the clinical lead for vascular radiology, an area of interventional radiology involving the imaging, diagnosis and treatment of arterial and venous disease. His time is split between the interpretation of CT and MRI scans relevant to vascular disease and treating patients by endovascular or interventional radiological techniques.

Dr Allison performs image guided surgical style procedures generally by x-ray or ultrasound, which are sometimes referred to as 'pin-hole surgery' due to being minimally invasive. This has transformed the way many diseases are treated and in some cases removed the need for high risk surgery completely.

As an interventional radiologist with a specialist interest in vascular procedures, Dr Allison performs angioplasty (balloon stretching) and stenting (inserting small metal scaffolds) of diseased or blocked arteries in the legs, pelvis, abdomen and arms. He also inserts stent-grafts (scaffolds with a fabric covering) to treat abnormally wide arteries known as aneurysms.

Together with surgical and vascular radiological colleagues, Dr Allison runs a complex aortic stent-grafting program which enables the team to treat aneurysms of the chest and abdominal aorta including more complex custom made stent-grafts unique to each patient; these endovascular procedures are known as TEVAR, EVAR and FEVAR.

He performs all types of embolisation procedures to treat visceral artery aneurysms related to the spleen, liver and kidney endoleaks following aneurysm repair and enlarged pelvic veins as well as vein based procedures including insertion of tunnelled neck lines and ports for chemotherapy and opening blocked veins in arms and legs.

Dr Allison is part of the UHS nutrition team and works with the cystic fibrosis unit inserting feeding tubes into the stomach under x-ray guidance (gastrostomy) as well as emergency treatment of lung bleeding in CF patients. He is also a college tutor for the Royal College of Radiologists, overseeing the delivery of taught anatomy and physics and an educational supervisor for radiology speciality training.

Key achievements

  • Part of the interventional radiology team at UHS, a unit with prestigious worldwide reputation
  • Leading the vascular radiology service that provides every aspect of vascular interventional radiology
  • A tutor for the Royal College of Radiologists; educational and clinical supervisor to radiology and interventional radiology speciality trainees

Research interests

  • Dr Allison is currently setting up a study to assess the effectiveness of embolisation (blocking off) one of the four stomach arteries and its effect on the treatment of obesity
  • He is the main author of publications and review articles on endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
  • Dr Allison is the contributing author to interventional radiology books, case reports and conference poster presentations