Rubin, Dr Caroline

Caroline RubinMBBS, MRCP, FRCR, MA (Ed)




Breast imaging and ultrasound


Dr Rubin has worked for the Trust since 1980. She is the director of the combined Southampton and Salisbury and Isle of Wight breast imaging units, and also works with general radiology and ultrasound.

Dr Rubin is a clinical and educational supervisor, and a mentor for the Trust. She is also a member of the Royal College of Radiologists specialty advisory committee, and its workplace based assessment sub-committee

Key achievements

  • Successful breast screening programme with best national small cancer detection rate, 2006 to 2007.
  • Becoming a member of the advisory committee for breast cancer screening

Awards and prizes

King’s College, London

  • Inchley Prize, pharmacology, 1976
  • Alfred Hughes Memorial Prize, anatomy, 1976
  • Dr. John W. Pickering Prize, biochemistry, 1976
  • Hare Prize, medical sciences, 1976
  • Barbara Wrigley Memorial Prize, medical sciences, 1976
  • Pathology Prize, 1976

Westminster Medical School

  • Sturges Prize, medicine (third), 1977
  • Chadwick Prize, surgery, 1977
  • Richard Hebbs Prize, heamatology, 1978
  • Abraham’s Prize, histopathology (second), 1978
  • Sturges Prize, bacteriology (second), 1978
  • Honours viva in pathology, 1978
  • Honours viva in medicine, 1979
  • Honours viva in surgery, 1979

Southampton General Hospital

  • Rohan Williams Medal, FRCR II, 1986


  • Screening with magnetic resonance imaging and mammography of a UK population at high familial risk of breast cancer; a prospective multicentre cohort study (MARIBS). MARIBS Study Group. Lancet (2005) May 21-27; 365 (9473); 1769-78.
  • MBUR 5 & 6 Guidelines