Domjan, Dr Janine Marie

MBBS (hons), AKC, MRCP, FRCRJanine Domjan




Neuroradiology and head and neck

Training and education

  • MBBS (hons) and Associateship of King's College (AKC) - King's College, London
  • Medical training in Northampton and at Bromley Hospitals Trust
  • Radiology training at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, and University Hospital Southampton
  • FRCR (fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists)


Dr Domjan has held an honorary contract with UHS since 2005, and has been a consultant radiologist at Portsmouth Hospital Trust since 1998.

She has special interests in neuroradiology and head and neck, predominantly reporting CT and MRI cross sectional imaging at UHS. Dr Domjan is an educational supervisor for medical students and junior doctors.

Key achievements

  • Wessex regional chair for radiology for five years
  • Less than full time training adviser to the Royal College of Radiologists


You can contact Dr Domjan by email.